I’ve been thinking a lot about How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Okay, this story doesn’t make any fucking sense.  I’m not talking about how like, the Grinch alternatively stole Christmas, I understand that, it is a kid’s book and all.  Okay, what I’m talking about here is- okay so Whoville is populated by Whos, who have a different physiology and culture from humans entirely.  This is further proven when we look at Horton Hears a Who, which takes place in the greater Seuss universe.  In Horton Hears a Who we learn that Whoville exists on a speck on a flower, further proving that Whos are not humans.

And yet, they celebrate Christmas; the story of Christ’s birth and resurrection.

Okay, stay with me here, this must mean that the Whos have their own version of Christ, a Who-Christ, who was a betrayed by Whodas, was a practicing Who-Jew, and was crucified by some sort of Who analogue to Romans.

But it goes deeper than that, this must also mean that the Whos have their own version of the bible, probably written in seussian rhyme, with lines like

“We’ll show this false prophet, we’ll beat him with ease!
We’ll beat him with use of our crucifixion machines!”


“With nails in his hands and one in his feet,
We’ll show this Christ that Romans will never be beat!”


Anyway.. How the Grinch Stole Christmas doesn’t make any goddamn sense.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking a lot about How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. This post is certainly fun and entertaining, but I think I would enjoy it a lot more (in the context of this class anyway) if there were some sort of takeaway other than a little chuckle. Maybe you could look into Seuss’s life to theorize any point that he were trying to make with this particular aspect of his story. Or – if you think that he really didn’t put any thought into the Christ aspect and it’s just supporting the rest of the story – make that claim and back it up. This post just feels like a sort of hollow humor, which definitely has its place in the world and shouldn’t be discredited, but with the overarching educational/collegiate setting of these blogs at this point in time, I think humor would best be utilized for its incredible purpose of keeping people comfortable while you open them up to new ideas. That being said, you have a talent for digging deep with an analysis, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to apply this to incorporate real-world issues. 🙂


  2. Raymond this is a great take. Its easy to lose sight of where our traditions come from. I would’ve died not questioning Christmas in Whoville. It makes the whole setup nefarious. I wonder if there is a hidden ruling class in Whoville who subjugates the masses with Christianity or if missionaries stopped by, proselytized and left. Its an interesting dynamic. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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