Us v Them: On Current Politics

I’ve been debating for awhile whether or not I’ve wanted to actually make this post, and have decided that I have to; not for anyone else’s sake, because I know the words on this blog carry no weight when it comes to the world at large, but for my own sake.  I am choosing to write this because I feel the need to do so, to get these words out of my skull and onto a glowing screen.

What I’m talking about are us against them politics, which seem to have taken over all forms of discourse when it comes to political discussion, and I know that it’s been like this for awhile, what with the right versus the left in the Obama administration, but I feel like it’s really come to a head recently, and I’m sick of it.  I’m talking about a few things here, such as the Alt-Right and the Far left, as well as how the Trump administration and his disciples view the Muslim population, as well as their ideological opponents.  We live in a deeply frustrating time for anyone who thinks people should be viewed as people, rather than boogeymen and enemies.

Although I probably don’t need to offer examples of this, as one’s own life is no doubt teeming with them, I will provide some anyway.  I was on Facebook the other day (actually this was about a month ago, but all stories seem to take place the other day regardless of when they actually took place), and I saw that one of my more right leaning acquaintances from high school shared a link titled GRUESOME VIDEO: Muslim Mob Tears 27 Year Old Woman Apart Before Killing Her Over False Accusation Of Burning Quran, with the self written caption #religionofpeace.  Now, I have to agree, the content of the video is absolutely horrifying, and the people who did that should be demonized for using religion as a way of propagating violence, but what I take issue with is the use of “#religionofpeace”, which shows to me that the person who shared the link didn’t care that a fellow human was violently slaughtered in the streets, but instead got a smug sense of satisfaction from it, because in his eyes it somehow proved his world view that all Muslims are violent, and that it’s us against them.  I can’t help but see this as a self masturbatory act of othering an already unfairly discriminated group of people, which is disgusting to say the least.



One thought on “Us v Them: On Current Politics

  1. I absolutely agree. It seems like both parties have given up on trying to create solutions, and instead spend all their time just slinging mud. Conservatives think liberals are brainless, liberals think conservatives are heartless, and they both need to see Oz for some courage to stop trying to appease their own side and admit when the other side has a good idea so something can actually get done.


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