Saying Goodbye to ENGL 300

Honestly the biggest thing I was dreading about this class was the blog assignment, but over time it grew on me.  I came to love my blog, and I intend to keep it running as a sort of personal public journal, at the very least, where I catalog my journey as a writer, or just write about whatever I feel like.  As a whole, I’d say the blog assignment was the most enjoyable thing to work on in this class.

Along with that I also learned how to put together a competent professional resume as well as a cover letter, which are both incredibly important for doing anything professionally

Now comes the criticisms I guess.  I felt like the class could have been just as impactful with fewer readings.  I felt like reading most of the books we were assigned was a waste of time, and I honestly felt like kind of a chump for buying them, I could have gotten as much out of the class without spending money on an avid reader, or work.  Make Your Home Among Strangers, The Best American Essays, and The Sellout get a pass though, I liked those ones, and I’m glad that I bought them.

As a whole I enjoyed the class though, and I would definitely recommend it to any English major struggling to find their place in the professional world.