No Name Reading Reflection

No Name Reading Reflection

No Name is a monthly event where graduate students at the English Department of UNL do live readings of their prose as well as poetry.  I had gone to a few No Name readings before, but this one was special, because it was my first one being 21.  Did I mention these readings happen at a bar?  Because they are.  The venue they use is Barrymore’s, located on the south side of the Rococo Theatre, and let me just say, it has a very cool atmosphere, because it still has a lot of the trappings of a theatre’s backstage


So with that being said, it makes sense why it’s also called “The Backstage Bar”.  So yeah, the venue was very cool, but the atmosphere of the event was awesome to say the least, it was great seeing members of the department hanging out and supporting each other’s writerly endeavors.  I think the coolest thing about it, was that each reader had another grad student give their introduction for them, and you could feel a sense of genuine comradery  among them.

Unfortunately though, I had just turned 21 a few days prior, so I went a little ham when given the opportunity to drink at a school related function legally, so I can’t really remember any of the reader’s names, or anything, just vague outlines of their pieces, I do remember that one of the women read some really kick ass poetry though.

All in all I’d highly recommend going to a No Name reading when they resume in the fall, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend mixing different liquors unless you happen to hate yourself like I do.